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AAPM ® PMRG - OMPM - AgCC Agile Communications Certification

AGCC Agile Communications Certification - Project Management Communications

By attending this practical and informative course, you will:

•Refine your communication competence
•Grasp the essential elements of Agile
Project Management
•Be trained, tested and certified in Agile Communication and receive the ability to use the AgCC designation
•Better prepare for your PMI Agile Certification
•Receive intuitive, easy-to-implement Agile Project Management tools
•Appreciate the benefits of simple communication for effective Agile Project Management
•Use the One-Page Project Manager™ (OPPM™) as a key project communication tool
•Successfully determine the level of Agile principles and practices essential to your unique projects
•Develop a comprehensive tool kit for successful Agile Projects that you can use immediately


As project managers, your ability to communicate and manage change are key elements for on-time, on-budget projects which mitigate risks, magnify quality and deliver scope that exceeds expectations. After four days, you will not only grasp the necessary components of Agile Project Management, but will augment this understanding with seriously simple tools and templates. The authors and creators of the tools that are now easing burdens and delivering successful results all over the world will teach the course.




The necessity and power of simplicity for Agile Project Management and Communication will include these modules:

•Simplicity — Why and How Much

•Project Management Simplified

•Agile Simplified

•The Agile Manifesto

— 4 values

— 12 principles

•Job #1 — Communication

— Two exhaustive studies of thousands of project managers reveal what the

best of the best do differently

— Why Agile is even more dependent on communication than traditional project

management methods.

•The risk continuum between Agile and Traditional

•Agile methods compared to Waterfall processes




The elegance and essence of Agile methodology will include the following roles, tools, meetings, and metrics:

•Scrum Teams

•Product Owners

•Scrum Master

•Product Backlog

•Sprint Backlog

•Burndown Chart

•Release Backlog

•Spring Planning

•Daily Scrum

•Sprint Review

•Sprint Retrospective

•User Stories

•Story Points

•Business Value

•Team Capacity






The One-Page Project Manager™

•Simplicity and Why OPPM™

— The Power and Pitfalls of Simplicity

◦Simplicity this side, and the other side of complexity

◦Simplexity, by Jeffrey Kluger

◦The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, by Edward Tufte

◦Ockham’s razor – the law of succinctness

•The Five Essential Parts of Every Project

— Objectives — the what and why

— Owners — the who

— Tasks — the how

— Timeline — the when

— Budget — the how much

•OPPM™ Building Steps 1 through 12

•OPPM™ Reporting Steps 1 through 5

•Customizing OPPM™ and the PMO

•OPPM™ for IT Projects




The proven practical application of Agile/OPPM™ will include:

•The Agile/OPPM™ Template


•Negotiation for Agile Project Managers

•The Agile/OPPM™ for IT and Non-IT projects

•The Agile/OPPM™ for Managing Consultants

•Strategy Execution with Agile/OPPM™

•Communication Best Practices

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